Outfit Outtakes #2 & NYFW Giveaway

It’s been a long while since I shared some outfit outtakes, and I thought today would be as good as time as any to do just that! My first outfit outtakes post was almost exactly one year ago, and trust me when I say I’ve collected quite a few horrible, hilarious, and unflattering photos since. I rounded up about 8 of the absolute goofiest shots to share, and hope you enjoy getting a good laugh out of my misfortune.

And then… the wind came up.

Original Post: Mixing Patterns

I’m not really sure what’s so funny…

Original Post: Breaking Up for Earth Day

You’re getting very sleepy… very sleepy…

Original Post: Jumpsuits are the New Maxi Dress

When in Fringe…

Original Post: Dip in the Lake with Lime Ricki Swimwear

Say what?

Original Post: Knots, Anchors, & Giveaway

Facepalm worthy for sure (well, hopefully, the outfit wasn’t!)

Original Post: Bold Bohemian

Sometimes I get photobombed…

Original Post: Golden Tote March 2015 Review

…And sometimes I just have no idea what I’m doing.

Original Post: Celebrating MOMents of Beauty

Hope you got a laugh out of at least one of these… and now onto the big giveaway!

Have you been dreaming of being in New York City for this year’s Fashion Week? I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers and we are bringing you the chance of a lifetime! Enter below to win A TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY DURING FASHION WEEK!
Where? New York City
When? September 11-13th.
Prize Includes: A $400 flight voucher, two nights at the Hudson Hotel, and a $400 SHOPPING SPREE!
New York Fashion Week Giveaway

*Each entrant can enter up to 161 times. All entries will be verified. Each entry improves your chance of winning! Must be 18+ years or older to enter. International applicants welcome! This giveaway will end at midnight on August 12th and the winner will be picked at random. If you win, you must answer our email within 48 hours to claim the prize or it will go to the next winner. Please note, no show tickets are included in this giveaway. We will get you there, what you do when you’re there is up to you! ;)

Which outfit photo fail was your favorite? Hope you enjoy today’s big giveaway as well – I’m crossing my fingers for one of you!

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48 thoughts on “Outfit Outtakes #2 & NYFW Giveaway

  1. Jae

    Hahaha! Good times! I particularly loved the one from your Knots and Anchors post. I like that your posing game was still going strong in that photo… Hahaha!

  2. Lauren

    These for sure made me laugh. Ahhh I have so many outtakes! Today I am taking pictures with a friend so I am sure I am going to have lots more :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      So glad they made you laugh! I always have a few outtakes from every shoot, but it’s fun collecting the worst of them to share :P

  3. Julia A

    ohh outfit outtakes. Gotta love ’em. My favorite is that last one. It reminds me of when you’ve been smiling for pictures for so long that you’re like, ok my lips are stuck to my teeth hold on. OR when hair blows into your face and gets stuck on your lipstick/chapstick etc. Outfit posts are so glamorous! :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! I’m sure the hair stuck to my lipstick was what was going on there! They really are glamourous aren’t they? ;)

  4. Rita

    Ahh Jenn you are just too cute! These are the best outtakes! The photobomb picture is most definitely my favorite! And I LOVE the first picture of you with the topknot! Such a great hairstyle on you!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, thanks Rita! I’ll definitely be back to rocking the top knot this fall, it’s one of my favorite hairstyles. ;)

  5. Riya

    I love your style and you look gorgeous! I love them all. N those pant in the second last pic are drool worthy! I am @ denimsanddresses.com

    1. Jenn Post author

      I enjoy seeing them when other bloggers post them too! No one is perfect, and it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves! ;)

  6. Jenn

    This is awesome. I appreciate that as a fashion blogger, you can have fun and laugh at yourself now and then ;) But can I just say that you are gorgeous, even in the outtakes?? And I love your style! Thanks for sharing. My fingers are crossed for this giveaway too! :)

  7. Chelsie

    Heeheehee, this was an adorable post. I should probably do one of these, because I have a PLETHORA of unflattering photos from my outfit posts! Thanks for the idea!


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