3 thoughts on “7+ Tips and Tricks to Up Your Photo Game on the ‘Gram {Featuring my new light up phone case!}

  1. Sarah

    I have been debating getting a light up case for awhile. They seem fun! Your photos are always so good. I just found the “collections” capability. I save a lot of home decor photos, so it’s great for me from that standpoint. I like the idea of saving other things!
    ColorStory is my favorite app to edit with. There are so many awesome preset filters, plus I can still manually fix them. Snapseed is my go-to for dog photos. Or anything with uneven lighting. It has the capability to select an area and brighten (or darken or change the contrast, etc.) of just that area, so I can make it so my dog’s black face is visible against her light gray body!
    Oh, and I am so bad at making stories. I hate filming myself. Some people are so good. It’s like they’re talking just to you! I bet having a light up case would improve those, too!
    Great post, Jenn!


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