5 Ways to Help Your Community

When the warmer weather of spring starts setting in, I often find myself restless in the house. No longer do I want to hide in bed all day (okay, who am I kidding, we all have days like this year round!). Instead, I crave getting outside and working on something more productive. Usually, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, like cleaning out our storage shed, organizing my side of the closet, or getting a home project done that’s been put on the back burner for far too long. However recently, I’ve been looking for more places to volunteer and for ways to get involved in my local community.

Last week, something like that fell in my lap, and I was invited to participate in a Girl’s Night Out in preparation for National Women Build Week at my local Lowe’s store to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity of Seattle-King County is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and globally. They believe in advocating for fair housing policies, providing training and access to resources to help families improve the conditions of their shelters. They believe everyone deserves a simple, durable place to call home in a safe and decent community. Lowe’s partnered with them to have a women’s build in parking lots of their stores across the country. The goal was to build houses for 650 families, with an ultimate goal to have 1000 families in new houses before the holidays.

It inspired me to find out more about how I can be involved with this organization after the event and to look further into my community to find new ways to get involved. I thought I’d share a few of my top picks for the greater Seattle area today, but of course, these can be applied to any local non-profit you have in your area too!

Places to Volunteer to Help Your Community in the Greater Seattle Area // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog

5 Places to Volunteer in Seattle

1. Habitat for Humanity

If the idea of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity scares you, don’t let it. I had never used a drill before I showed up for last week’s event, and I still don’t know the first thing about building anything let alone a house. The community surrounding the event is what it’s all about, and the people who are volunteering right alongside you will make you feel more than welcome. Lowe’s employees stopped to help me figure out the best way to use my drill, and Habitat for Humanity volunteers are more than happy to help you master the craft.

Volunteering at Lowe's Girls Night Out with Habitat for Humanity // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog

I met a woman named Nikki, who had been volunteering off and on for 16 years for Habitat for Humanity. She said she began volunteering when her son went off to college, and she knew she needed to do something more for her community. She encouraged us (Mandi of Living For Pretty was also there!) to come back for the women’s build happening this week and to look into the program further. While I’m not sure I’d be the biggest asset on a house build, there are many other ways to donate your time and help Habitat for Humanity with its mission, such as being an Events Volunteer, offering marketing or administrative help, or being a family support advocate.

2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Speaking of other ways of donating your time, did you know about Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore? Not only is it a cool place to shop for unique items for your home, but it’s also a great place to volunteer. If you have retail experience, you can put it to good use by volunteering as a cashier, by creating decorative displays, or helping customers on the sales floor.

Places to Volunteer in Seattle // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog

3. Seattle Goodwill

I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’m a huge fan of Seattle Goodwill. They’ve been an amazing partner and advocate for my blog’s success over the years, and I recently participated in their #Give1Pound campaign for Earth Day.

To get involved with your local Goodwill, the simplest way is to donate your items. Items that can’t be used (like old rags, ratty t-shirts, and textiles that have seen better days) will be recycled and turned into carpet padding and industrial towels. Items that are in good condition are sold in their retail locations which go back into their job training and education programs. Many of the employees in these stores received job education and training from Goodwill.

Want to do more? Consider volunteering for special events, like their annual Glitter Gala in the fall, as a job training tutor, or as a computer lab assistant. The most up to date volunteer opportunities are listed on their volunteer website here.

Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog

4. Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place is a non-profit that empowers women and families to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope, and dignity. Mary’s Place provides a variety of services such as a family center, guestrooms, night shelters, hot meals, AA/NA meetings, clothing and toiletry distribution, and more.

Think all you can do to help is provide money? Definitely not! While organizations like Mary’s Place will put funds to good use, they also need your time and donation of goods. You can mentor women and families, you can donate your time to one of their night shelters, you can organize and prepare a hot meal, or you can purchase items from their Amazon Wishlist. Another fun way to get involved is by hosting a lingerie or toiletry party with friends. Hosting an event or party at your place? Ask your friends and family members to bring a few toiletry items or a piece of lingerie (bra, panties, sleepwear) for a woman in need. Collect all the items and drop it by the Emergency Family Shelter during business hours Monday-Friday.


Can’t forget the animals! One of my favorite animal shelters in the Pacific Northwest is PAWS located in Lynnwood. I volunteered here for about a year, and it’s where I fell in love with far too many dogs. I had serious puppy fever (this was before Rigby), and it was so hard to leave without a special animal every single time I volunteered.

My parents have since adopted two cats from PAWS Cat City in Seattle, and by adopting from organizations like PAWS, you can help in a big way. Another way to help, of course, is by donating your time to Cat City, by walking and feeding the dogs, or by aiding in the rehabilitation of wild animals in their refuge. If you’ve ever found a hurt or injured wild animal, you’ll know PAWS is probably one of the best places to take it in the area.

Now I’d love to hear about your favorite places to volunteer your time or donate to in your local community! What do you do to help out in your area? What are your favorite organizations to support? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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The Recipe for the Perfect Faux Glow

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyJergensGlow #CollectiveBias

I was young; I was dumb. All of my friends did it. To me, statistics were just numbers. It didn’t mean anything bad could happen to me. And I’ve been very lucky that it hasn’t, but to a lot of women my age or even younger, tanning has led them down the difficult path of malignant melanoma and skin cancer.

A few years after those high school tanning experiences, I noticed a mole changing. It had gotten larger, changed color, and the edges were quite jagged. It was larger than the size of a pencil eraser, and I freaked out. A biopsy revealed that it was benign, and I was relieved. Not long after that, I found a new mole that was very strange looking. That one was abnormal, but fortunately not the malignant kind. It was at that dermatologist’s office that I learned the absolute worst time for sun exposure is in the developing years, and how bad of an idea tanning beds are.

The Easiest Fake Tan Routine with Jergens Natural Glow // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Style Blog

While I was in college, I opted to go for the faux glow instead. It wasn’t long after that I discovered  JERGENS® Natural Glow®. I diligently applied it at night and got the same look that I did when I was laying in a tanning bed. Not only are fake tanning products much less expensive and time-consuming, but they’re also much safer. Not only can sun exposure lead to cancer, but it also can cause premature aging and wrinkling, which let’s be real, no one wants.

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ColourPop Review + Giveaway

Nothing to disclose, I purchased all of the products myself + there are no affiliate links here! ;)

If you’re into makeup, there’s no doubt you’ve heard all about ColourPop. It’s taking the internet by storm and for good reason. The products are reasonably priced, they’re consistently expanding their collection, they collaborate with popular YouTubers and celebrities, and they keep up with the trends. (Matte liquid lipsticks, anyone? Dupes for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits? Take your pick; they’ve got them!)

ColourPop Review: Eyeshadow & Ultra Matte Lips // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Makeup Blog

ColourPop Review

I’ve been hoarding my ColourPop goodies for far too long and figured it was about time to collect my thoughts and share what I think is worth buying and what’s not from ColourPop. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have many complaints. My first order with ColourPop was back in October around their birthday. They included a free eyeshadow in that order in celebration, which meant I did have to wait a little longer than normal for it to ship. I get the gist that they’re a pretty small company (or were previously, perhaps they’ve ramped up recently) and got behind on fulfilling orders because of demand.

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How to Rock the Culotte Jumpsuit Outfit IRL

Affiliate Links // Some products were sent to me courtesy of the brand and are labeled as “c/o”.

As a petite person, I get a lot of interesting advice on how to dress. I’ve been told skinny jeans make me look like a lollipop. (This is probably somewhat true, but they also make me look much taller. I’ve heard that culottes (let alone a culotte jumpsuit outfit! The horror!) are the ultimate no-no because the awkward place they land on my calf will make me look short and wide. Oh, and that maxi dresses will never be the right length. Ever. (Which is just not true. I wear them all the time.) What I’m getting at here is that I’ve received a lot of crappy advice about how to dress, despite potential well-meaning intentions. I thought today I would break all the rules, because, well, I can.

How to Rock the Culotte Jumpsuit Outfit

How to Wear Culotte Jumpsuit Outfit for Petite Women // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

What I’m Wearing

Jumpsuit: Target (sold out; similar in camel under $20, similar in denim under $100, with open back under $25halter version under $35)
Jacket: ASOS (similar)
Hat: Alchemy Safari Hat in Camel c/o Brooklyn Hat Co.
Shoes: Target (similar)
Sunglasses: Miramar Sunglasses in Black c/o Stella & Dot
Bag: Shaffer LA Greta Small Bucket Bag via The Zoe Report Spring Box of Style
Necklace: Moonstone Orbit Necklace c/o Silver + Salt
Ring: Etsy

Photography by Hilary of The Cutie Life

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Tulips & Boots

Sponsored Post: This post is in partnership with Washington Shoe Company. As part of my partnership, I was asked to co-host an event and create blog and social posts about my experience. All opinions are my own, of course!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have recently seen a few photos from an adventure up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields. I was so honored to be asked to co-host the event with Washington Shoe Company, who makes rain boots under the brands Chooka and Western Chief (available at retailers like Nordstrom, Target, Fred Meyer, and Kohl’s.)

Tossing Petals at Skagit Valley Tulip Festival // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog Photo by Hilary of The Cutie Life

Washington Shoe Company is celebrating 125 years being in business (right here in Seattle! Their original factory location is in the Pioneer Square neighborhood just a few blocks from where I work.) Prior to the event, I had no idea the brands under Washington Shoe Company were even local to us here in Seattle. I’d seen Chooka rain boots at Target and Nordstrom when shopping for a pair, but never realized they were manufactured just about 30 minutes from here. There’s something special about supporting local businesses and seeing their success. Washington Shoe Company sells about 3 million pairs of boots annually across the nation and globally!

How to Wear Rain Boots with a Dress // Hello Rigby Seattle Style & Fashion Blog

How to Wear Rain Boots

What I’m Wearing

Sweater: Nordstrom (similar)
Dress: Golden Tote (similar)
Boots:  Sara Lace Up Rain Boot c/o Chooka (P.S. Get a free travel mug with $40 purchase, just use code CHOOKAMUG at checkout through 4/30!)
Socks: Winter Boot Socks c/o Mo & Cho Boutique
Necklace: Purre Boutique (similar)

Photos of me by Julia of Style & Cheek
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