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5 Handbags You Need in Your Closet

1st July 2015

I’m so pleased to introduce you to Lindsay of Lindsay Living, a fellow Seattle fashion and lifestyle blogger. Not only is Lindsay gorgeous and stylish, she’s one of the most genuine bloggers I’ve met. Most recently, Lindsay tackled a really interesting topic – whether fashion and feminism are incompatible or not. I really enjoyed (and agreed with) her take. Read on for her post today on the must have handbags for your closet!

Hi! I’m Lindsay and I’m so excited to be guest posting here on Hello Rigby! Thanks
so much for going on vacation, Jenn! Today I’ll be talking to you about handbags. It’s
a lot of fun to look at the sale bags at Nordstrom, or to paw through the aisles at TJ
Maxx and find a fantastic steal to add to your closet, but how can you be sure you’re putting your money into the right pieces that will truly pull their weight in your

I’m a big fan of the “cost-per-wear” way of thinking. If I buy a handbag (or any item really) that I truly love I will use it a TON. If you think about the total price you paid and divide it by the number of times you will wear it over time that’s the item’s cost-per-wear. Using this line of thinking it stands to reason that spending a little more money on a thoughtful purchase will be more beneficial than throwing down dollars on an impulse sale buy.

In my opinion, a great handbag can take that Target dress from bargain to beautiful. It’s all about context. Handbags are a great place to splurge because you use them over and over with many outfits. Plus, you can find great designer bags on clearance if you shop around. Here are five handbag styles I think you should have in your closet for maximum wear.

5 Must Have Handbags: Cute Clutch / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

1. Cute Clutch When you’re building a handbag wardrobe you want to think about all occasions. For example, your big ol’ tote bag isn’t exactly the right accessory to set off a beautiful dress you’re wearing to a wedding. In comes the cute clutch. I’ve had several over the years but have found the one I go back to time and time again is this little black and white polka-dotted style from J.Crew. It’s beautiful leather, lined, has a chain strap just in case I get sick of carrying it, and it’s neutral colors go with any dress I pull out. Although I don’t use a clutch too often, I have found many ways to wear this one. You also want to make sure the size you get will fulfill your needs. Mine has cardholders in the inside, so I don’t carry my wallet in it, just cards, cash, phone, and a lipstick.

5 Must Have Handbags: Cross-body / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

2. Cross-body Sometimes you just want to be hands-free. I have a few cross-body bags because they are just so easy to carry for any occasion. I love them when I’m out for a day of walking, sightseeing on a trip, or out shopping. It’s nice to have your hands free and not worry about the weight of your bag bringing you down. This neutral version from Marc by Marc Jacobs goes with everything and is just small enough to be lightweight and just big enough to squeeze in a light jacket or umbrella if needed.

5 Must Have Handbags: Neutral Tote / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

3. Neutral Tote Day in and day out many of us carry our lives with us in our handbags. For these kinds of days, nothing beats a big ol’ tote. My Madewell Transport Tote has been a lifesaver and has been known to carry my camera, makeup bag, student work, my teacher planner, and a lunch. Now that’s a workhorse! It’s also a great carry-on when I’m traveling and fits comfortably over my shoulder no matter what I stuff inside. All that plus the cost-per-wear on this thing is nearly free at this point. I love this bag.

5 Must Have Handbags: Black Carry-all / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

4. Black Carryall When I was building a handbag wardrobe years ago, one of my first investment pieces was this Marc by Marc Jacobs carry-all in classic black. It’s made of buttery leather, has tons of roomy pockets, and has stood the test of time. It works with tons of outfits. Although it’s smaller than my tote bag, I find I use it a ton for my everyday work routine. I still have room for a water bottle and my camera, but it’s just as nice when I don’t have much to carry. We have a plastic bag ban in Seattle, so if I forget a reusable shopping bag I can just throw a purchase into this bag and I’m good to go.

5 Must Have Handbags: Pop of Color / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

5. Pop of Color This list would not be complete without mentioning one of my favorite things: a pop of color handbag. I have a few favorites in this category, but nothing beats my Coach Molly satchel. The bright blue leather is an eye-catcher, always garners a lot of praise when I post it on Lindsay Living, and I have found it goes with a TON of outfits. The trick to a pop of color bag is finding one in a color that works with the majority of your closet. I have a lot of cool colors in my wardrobe that this bag works great with, but I’ve also surprised myself by putting it with red from time to time. Get creative with it!

I’d love to hear what bags you think are necessary for your closet, so please let me know in the comments below. Thanks again to Jenn for letting me swing by and visit. Happy summer, everyone!

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Wantable Style Edit June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

June Wantable Style Edit

30th June 2015

Affiliate Links: If you click a link below, I may receive credit if you sign up. I pay for this subscription.

As you may or may not remember, in May I gave Wantable’s newest collection subscription service a test drive. The Wantable Style Edit billing cycle is quite different from some of my other services, so I accidentally missed the skip or cancel date in May. (It didn’t help that the first package didn’t show up until after that date…) Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of my May Wantable Style Edit, I received one for June. To recap this service, it comes monthly (you can skip online before the next billing date if you choose.) It costs $20 for a styling fee that is credited to you if you keep any items.

To be honest, this month did not improve. I did keep one item, but honestly it’s not something I’m super crazy about. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t give specific instructions about what I wanted, or if it’s just the fact that this service is new, I think the style and price point of the items are just not a match for me. Read on to see what I got, and I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not you think it might work for you!

Wantable Style Edit June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

June Wantable Style Edit

Wantable Style Edit June: Tart Amelina Dress / hellorigby seattle fashion blog Tart Collections Amelina Dress in Small $132 (Returned)
This was horrible. I’m sorry, it was (as you can see from my face in this shot…oops.) My stomach area is my trouble spot, and this pattern had a line that I felt attracted even more attention to it. Plus, it was terribly tight in the chest area and just no.

Wantable Style Edit June: BCBG Cargo Pocket Legging / hellorigby seattle fashion blog BCBG Legging with Pocket in Black, Size Small $79 (Returned)
Erm… these were strange. I read the packing list before and was like… leggings? And they’re $79?! But to be fair, they are very thick and hold everything in and have pockets. Maybe if they were half the price I would have been interested, but thanks but no thanks. Rigby was trying to photobomb this one, so I just picked him up. Hope you don’t mind. ;)

Wantable Style Edit June: Bobi Pima Tank / hellorigby seattle fashion blog Bobi Pima Tank in Mojito, Size Small $44 (Returned)
This was also awful… mostly because 1. I need to wear a bra, and this tank top style is not conducive to that, and 2. when I took the back photo, I felt naked. I’m sorry, I’m 26. Maybe if I were 16 I’d be down to feel half naked, but no. Too old for that.

Wantable Style Edit June: Heather Top with Lace / hellorigby seattle fashion blog Heather Top with Lace in Gray/Black, Size Small $39 (Kept)
This was one of the first things that I pulled out of the box. I like it, but do have two issues with it: the lace is scratchy, and for a t-shirt, it’s awfully small across the chest area. Regardless, I had a credit from someone who subscribed through my last post (thank you!) so I kept this.

Wantable Style Edit June: Kut from the Kloth Mia Toothpick Skinny Jean in Outspoken Wash / hellorigby seattle fashion blog Kut from the Kloth Mia Toothpick Skinny in Outspoken Wash, Size 2 $89 (Returned)
I actually really like these, but as a petite person (and you can see in the photos) these are way too long. If these were ankle or petite length, they would have been a keep for me.

Overall, my suggestion would be to try Stitch Fix or DailyLook Elite over Wantable Style Edit. I think both of those do a bit better job at keeping in mind your style profile and fit needs.

Have you tried Wantable Style Edit? What did you think?

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What I Bought: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

What I Bought in June

26th June 2015

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So I’m sharing my budget a little early this month, as I’m writing this in advance since right now I’m… well, I’m not sure what I’m doing in France, but you can find out if you follow me on Snapchat (hellorigby) or Instagram. Shameless plug, sorry.

Anyways, as you may or may not remember, I said no buying things this month. I did replenish some of my body care and skin care from Ulta, and may have treated myself to a few tiny add-ons to that order. I also forgot to mention a couple of things I bought and returned last month. Oops! So, I’ll make up for that this month. ;)

What I Bought

What I Bought: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Glamorous: Remember the dress from my DailyLook Elite Box? Yeah, I bought that in a size up. I’m going to have to alter it to actually fit me, but I’m beyond glad to have found it from the manufacturer. (And for less than what DailyLook wanted, even including shipping from the UK!) I’m thinking I will wear this to a wedding we are going to later this year, but it is white with the floral. Is that still taboo? Help! (- $55)

Victoria’s Secret: I received an Angel reward so I put it towards a mini version of a fragrance I had sampled and had received several compliments from strangers and friends on. It’s the Very Sexy, and this mini version has an adorable atomizer too! (- $10)

Ulta: As I mentioned, I stocked up on skincare from Yes To and Simple during a recent line sale. NYX was also on sale so I may have picked up this Soft Lip Cream in Copenhagen. It’s super pretty and smells amazing. (- $6)

e.l.f. Cosmetics: I’ve been wanting to try a contouring palette but really did not want to spend $40+ to try one out. Then I saw e.l.f. released one for $6 and I had to have it. I also found a free shipping coupon code (it’s not carried in stores yet) so I nabbed it. So far the jury’s out on whether I like this or not. (- $6)

Stitch Fix: You may recall seeing this month’s fix, and of course I couldn’t send it back without keeping the boho-inspired blouse from Ezra. I’ve worn it to work at least once a week since I received it, so money well spent in my opinion. (- $54)

DailyLook: I’m not sure why, but I’ve received several coupon codes via email from DailyLook. I’m definitely not complaining, as they recently had a huge summer sale and this bag was on sale for $15. Guess how much my code was for? Yep, $15. So it was… free! It’s definitely not the most amazing bag in terms of quality but is an inexpensive dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. ($0)

What I Returned

What I Returned: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Nordstrom: I picked up a pair of printed Arizona Birkenstocks and this cross body fringe bag. I had intended the Birkenstocks for our trip… but honestly, they were just too much. I just can’t get into the Arizona style I guess. While the cross body was cute, in person it just didn’t feel as nice as I wanted. What can I say, I just prefer real leather the majority of the time. ;)

What I Received

What I Received: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blogWhat I Received: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Anthropologie: No, no, I’m not receiving free products from Anthropologie. (A girl can dream though!) Dave bought me this dress a couple of months ago, but I was just sure it was never going to come (it was back ordered for 2 months)… but it did! The only sad part is, it’s too tight in the shoulders and arms and last I checked it was completely sold out. I think they may have been playing mean tricks because it appears to be now back in stock in all sizes… sigh. Regardless it’s too late to reorder a size up (I ordered an XS, which was all that was left) because I’m having mine altered to remove the portion of the sleeves that is too small. Then, the tailor is using the “bell” sleeve part to make flutter sleeves and she’s dropping the armhole a bit to accommodate.

The Collegiate Standard: I was sent this anchor necklace for review and styling. It’s a lovely sterling silver piece that goes with just about anything. If you love it too, you can enter to win one here through tonight at 11:59pm EST!

Legit Tees: You may recall seeing my funky hipster mermaid tank top last week, and I absolutely loved these unique tanks from local maker Legit Tees. I’m going to be styling the other prints I received throughout the summer months.

So, that’s a wrap for my June Budget. I think I did fairly well this month considering all of the temptations. Now I’m off to London to blow all the money I didn’t spend on new makeup and clothes. ;)
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What did you buy this month? I’d love to hear all about it!

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How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program / The So-Called Homemaker for hellorigby.com

How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program

25th June 2015

I’m thrilled to have Christine kicking off the guest posts this coming week while I’m gallivanting around Europe. I have a few posts planned too, but I hope you enjoy the new voices around here! Christine blogs over at The So-Called Homemakerr about life, family, recipes, and much more. She’s also running an amazing blog sponsorship program, so she’s sharing her secrets on how she does it!

Hey everyone! This is Christine, The So-Called Homemaker. I am so excited that Jenn is letting me guest post today, because this is a topic I have been asked about many, many, many times in my blogger life. It’s also a subject I really enjoy talking about. Running a sponsorship program is one of my favorite things about blogging, and I like to believe that I am good at it. Today, I’m going to talk about my best tips on starting your own sponsorship program.

How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program / The So-Called Homemaker for hellorigby.com

How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program

Step 1. Decide what you want to offer. The easiest way to do this is to think about what you’ve gotten from the blogs that you sponsor. What did you like, and what did you not like? Should you offer only sidebar spots, or will you offer in-post ads as well? And what about the “bonus” items in an ad spot. Did you really enjoy a lot of social media love? Did you like having access to a group Pinterest board? Think about what other bloggers have done that you like, and decide what to offer your sponsors based on that. But be realistic. Don’t offer more than you have time to do. If you offer something but don’t deliver, you will not get a good reputation as a blogger to sponsor and people won’t pay for your spots!

Step 2: Decide how to offer your spots. Personally, I have never had an issue with PassionFruit Ads. I like that it’s ad store is simple and easy to set up. I also like that I can accept PayPal payments for my ad spots. However, I know that many bloggers have had issues with PassionFruit’s customer service, and that they prefer AdProval. AdProval certainly has very responsive customer service, so they are certainly a viable option. The only downside to AdProval is that they are not currently set up to accept PayPal payments, so they require credit card input. Many bloggers do not like to give out that information. Of course, you can always choose to manually handle your ads, but that requires a lot of time and energy, and also a pretty decent knowledge of your blog’s design and how to manipulate it.

Step 3: Decide how to price your spots. Your pricing should be based on how many followers you have and what you are offering. If you have a smaller following, start your ad spots at a cheap price, even if you include “bonus” items in the spot. Have a larger following? You can charge more, especially if the spots “bonuses” are specific to where you following is (for example, Twitter shout-outs if you have lots of Twitter followers, pins if you have a lot of Pinterest followers, etc). I would say that a small blog (300 followers or so) should start spots out at $3 max, and increase by about $2 for every 200 followers you have on top of that. Of course, you can always try the laws of supply and demand: if your spots aren’t selling, decrease the price. If they are selling out quickly, raise the price!

Step 4: Offer free spots. After you’ve figured out how to start your program, offer a few of your favorite bloggers free spots on the understanding that they will review your services. This is hands down the best way to build your program. Once you get good reviews on the ad spots and services that you offer, you can post these reviews alongside your shop when you officially open it. I have had several people tell me that my testimonials have convinced them to buy spots, so don’t overlook how important they are!

These are the basics for starting your own sponsorship program! If you have more detailed questions, do not hesitate to contact me!


Have you ever offered advertising on your blog? What made it successful (or not) for you?

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Bohemian Dress and Lot2545 Necklace Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Bold Bohemian

24th June 2015

Product Sample: A complimentary jewelry sample was provided to me in exchange for this styling. Affiliate Links: If you click on a link in this post, I may make a very small commission.

There’s nothing I love more than bold prints and bright colors for summer. Something about the sunshine and heat just makes me want to bust out the fun colors in summer. When it comes to color I love mixing it up by grabbing some bright colored accessories. When I’m rushing out the door in the morning, I often forget to accessorize, but when I have a few extra minutes I try to grab something fun to add something extra to my outfit.

Bohemian Dress and Lot2545 Necklace Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

What I’m Wearing
Dress: Umgee Tribal Boho Print Tunic Dress
Shoes: Caged Rylee Heel, Target
Necklace: Big & Bold Fair Trade Paper Bead Necklace, c/o LOT2545
Ring: Leaf Wrap Ring (similar)

I was excited to be contacted by LOT2545 about reviewing and styling a piece of jewelry. I hadn’t heard of the company before but quickly learned that owner Amanda is passionate for helping the “Least of These” in Uganda. “Least of These” is what LOT stands for, and LOT2545 is dedicated to helping the boys who formerly called the streets of Uganda their home. The goal is to empower the boys and women to change the fate of their future children by providing education, vocational training, and employment.

Mixed Print Bohemian Dress & Blue Ugandian Bead Necklace / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

LOT2545 sells beautiful, handmade, fair trade paper bead jewelry in their Etsy storefront. I chose this Big and Bold Paper Bead Necklace for myself, but I love the Dembe Paper Bead Necklace, or this Bold Is In Paper Bead Necklace too! The colorful options scream summer to me, and really would dress up any outfit.

Ugandan Handmade Jewelry from LOT2545 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

If you’re feeling these pieces (or any other in their shop) be sure to use code hellorigby15 for 15% off your order through July 31st, 2015. (Not an affiliate code.) Be sure to follow LOT2545 on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and product offerings!

And if I haven’t talked about it enough, today is our last day in the States. We’re so excited to be off to France in the morning! I hope you guys will stick around to support a couple of new faces this week and next, and I’ll be sharing some of my usual posts as well. Au Revoir!

How do you style bold accessories? Or, if you’ve been to France, I’d love to hear about your favorite spots! I don’t want to miss anything good. ;)

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