Altuzarra Crane Sweater, Legging Jeans, and Booties / hellorigby!

The Golden Girls Sweater

31st October 2014

Well, I finally bit the bullet. I bought a tripod. I really didn’t want to, as I always feel like tripod shots just don’t feel the same. But you know what? I don’t think they’re that bad. While the location isn’t stellar (sorry, I only had a few minutes before work… #notamorningperson) things can only go up from here. I promise to not post sucky tripod shots too often, but when it starts getting dark in the morning and at 4pm, no promises.

Altuzarra Crane Sweater, Legging Jeans, and Booties / hellorigby!
In other news, I’m kind of obsessed with this sweater. Dave calls it my “Golden Girls Sweater.” He’s so sweet.But really, I think that’s quite the compliment, considering Golden Girls would probably make my top 20 TV shows of all time. I’m a Sophia for sure. I aspire to be just like her when I’m old.

Altuzarra Target Crane Embroidered Sweater, Jeans, and Wedge Booties / hellorigby!

You may recognize it from my September budget post, and was one of the few things I kept from the Altuzarra Target line. The thing I like about this particular sweater material is that it’s not the pilling kind. It’s more of a flat knit, and won’t get all fuzzy and gross looking after a few wears. Does that bum anyone else out? I had that happen last season to a Catherine Malandrino for Kohl’s sweater, and it broke my heart.

Lucky Brand Marnie Acitve Jacket, Skinny Jeans, Wedge Booties Outfit / hellorigby!

On a much happier note, Happy Halloween! I can’t believe it’s here already. No outfit for me this year, I did think about it though. I’ll be dressing as a crazy dog lady this evening at home, wearing my fox leggings and watching Hocus Pocus and/or Paranorman on repeat. I wish I could say I’ll be doing something as fun as answering the door for trick or treaters… but we have never had a trick or treater! Such a bummer.

Altuzarra Target Crane Sweater and Top Knot / hellorigby!

What I’m Wearing
Sweater: Altuzarra Target
Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad
Booties: Sole Society
Jacket: Lucky Brand, on sale via 6PM

What are you up to for Halloween? Hope everyone has a spooktacular weekend!

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Jamberry Nails Giveaway / hellorigby!

Halloween Jamberry Nails & Giveaway!

30th October 2014

Press Sample
Confession time? I am awful at nail art. Absolutely awful. And I don’t have the patience for it at all. But when my friend Jennifer from Mom’s Got Mail told me about Jamberry Nails, I knew this would be a great option to get cute nail art for Halloween without a huge headache. (Or me having to re-do my nails over and over again.)

Jamberry Nails Giveaway / hellorigby!

Seriously, it’s kind of pitiful at my lack of skillz. Usually my dots look more like triangles, and striping is a nightmare. Don’t get me started.

Anyways, she was sweet enough to send me these adorable yet slightly spooky spiderweb nail decals. (Somehow spiders are way less scary when there’s purple and green involved. I don’t get it either.) As this was my first time applying these particular nail decals, I was nervous. I’ve had a shaky history with other nail stickers. (The NCLA ones that came in the PopSugar Must Have Box last year went on easy enough, but did not stick around for long.)

Jamberry Nails Halloween Nail Wraps / hellorigby!

Now I’d be lying if I said these are super simple to apply. The instructions are a bit long, and if I’m being truthful, my first attempt is not perfect. BUT they are so cute and I got so many compliments that I think they’re worth it for special occasions. I’m not going to show you how to apply them because there’s already 50397593 tutorials out there on how to do it, but here’s the video I watched. You can see my final result below. Think I did okay?

Jamberry Nails Halloween Nail Wraps / hellorigby!

…And if you’d love to try out your own set of Jamberry Nails, Jennifer has offered to send samples to the first TWENTY of you to try! If interested, send her an email to request your sample. She’d also love to help you host a Facebook or Catalog party. If you mention “Hello Rigby Blog” and she’ll throw in an extra wrap for free. She also offers design services to make your own custom nail wraps. I just love this idea… I mean how cute would that be for a bridal shower or bridesmaid gift?!

Last but not least, Jennifer is hooking one of you up with a Jamberry nail wrap of your choice, so get yourself entered below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you could design your own nail wrap, what would you like to see on it?

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October Clothing Budget / hellorigby!

October Clothing Budget

29th October 2014

I swear I say this every month, but I really can’t believe October is just about over. I won’t lie, I’m getting excited for my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course. I like Halloween, but I feel like when you don’t have kids and are too old for trick-or-treating and kind of over the party scene, it’s not quite as fun.

Anyways, enough about holidays (though admittedly, it does relate to budgets. I mean, I basically blow all of mine on Black Friday yearly…) because the real reason we are here today is to look at what I bought with my clothing budget last month.

October Clothing Budget / hellorigby!

October Clothing Budget

Target: I bought the “inspired by” version of the blanket scarf that everyone in blogland has been clamoring for. It’s super soft and will be perfection come frosty temperatures. I also found some adorable fair isle fox leggings (these are similar, but the ones I bought are fox faces and remind me of a certain doggie.) Spent $35

Etsy: Fellow Seattle blogger Kendra of Simply Darrling makes these adorable infinity scarves, and she happened to have a fox print one. Of course I had to pick it up! Spent $15

Forever 21: I went to return something and ended up exchanging and then some… oops. I picked up this Beatles Sweatshirt, a Cropped Sweatshirt (similar), and a Pleather Skirt. Oh, and then during their Columbus Day (or Indigenous Peoples’ Day if you’re a local) sale I got this hat too. Love it! Spent $72

Modcloth: I got lured in by the Stylish Surprise, and got this cute dress. Too bad it’s far too small to even zip over half of my boobs. Free to a good home! :) Spent $10

JustFab: My first experience with JustFab was a good one, I got the Pierce Booties for 75% off for the low, low price of $22! I’d say it’s a crazy deal for genuine leather, and they look great for the price. Spent $22

Nordstrom Rack: Okay, I did not plan to go here and shop. I was dragged by family, and didn’t want to be rude. Well, that may be a slight stretch, but I was doing SO well until this sad, lonely coat (similar) was calling my name at the end of a rack. I tried it on, and it started screaming, so I just had to buy it. Spent $99

Total Budget: $175
Total Spent: $253
Total Sold: $199
October’s Damage = $54

And now I can breathe a sigh of relief. My wallet is scared for next month though.  

And in favor of trying new things, how would you guys feel about doing a video of these budget posts? Any interest, or am I just a little too video happy lately? Let me know, and also tell me what you bought last month!

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What's in my Makeup Bag, an Update / hellorigby!

What’s In My Makeup Bag, An Update!

28th October 2014

Press Sample
Several months ago I wrote a guest post for The Grits Blog about what’s in my makeup bag. Some things have changed since then, so I thought it would be fun to do a little product update and show you what I’ve been using these days!

To be perfectly honest, my makeup bag changes often. As you’ve seen, I get enough subscription beauty bags and boxes to make me constantly change-up my daily products, but these items are things that tend to stick around month to month, and that I truly love. Read on to find out some of my current make up faves.

What’s in my Makeup Bag

What's in my Makeup Bag, an Update / hellorigby!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara / hellorigby! Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – This came in my Ipsy bag a few months back, and while it’s not my Holy Grail mascara, it’s pretty darn good for everyday wear. It’s not clumpy, goes on smooth, and makes my eyelashes a nice true black.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette / hellorigby! Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – This is an oldie but a goodie. I love the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay, but I’m more a matte girl. This is perfect, and it’s seriously lasted forever. The brushes I use are from Real Techniques and they’re great too. I don’t think they’ve ever shed a single hair.

Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter / hellorigby! Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighting Stick – This is a deluxe sample I actually got in a swap, and I love it. It’s the perfect size to highlight the inside corner of my eyes, which I do daily to make my eyes appear bright and a little bit larger. Plus it’s got the perfect amount of shimmer.


Paula Dorf 2+1 For Brows / hellorigby! Paula Dorf 2+1 Brows in Neutral (press sample) – This is a new-to-me-favorite, and is seriously helpful in taming my brows and making them look their best. The powder and wax combo was a little intimidating to me at first (I actually only started filling my brows in this year, if you can believe it!) but a brush, powder, and wax really gives you more control. If you’re a little scared, I recommend going with in with a light hand and building the powder as you feel comfortable. The nice thing about powders? No risk of the dreaded “Sharpie” brows! (Use code BROWBRUSH to get a free Brow Brush ($24 value) with purchase of 2+1 Brows at


Honest Co Lip Blam & City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Cappuccino / hellorigby! The Honest Co. Organic Lip Balm – I’m pretty sure I’ve sung the praises of all things Honest Co. in the past, but their lip balms are organic, smell great, and are super moisturizing. I use them daily under lipstick, especially formulas that lean towards the dryer side of things!

City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Cappuccino – Speaking of dry formulas, I’d say this Be Matte lipstick is pretty darn dry, but in combination with the lip balm, it’s my favorite shade right now. It’s pink with a little brown, and feels like the perfect neutral for fall. When I got this in my Ipsy bag this month I didn’t think I was digging it, but I’ve come around and it’s definitely a new favorite.


Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream / hellorigby! Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream in Light Tint – I actually won a prize pack from Amarte awhile ago from SheFinds, but this Korean BB Cream has felt like it’s lasted forever! It’s a great shade for me (read: works great for pale skin!), is hydrating, and has built-in SPF without the nasties like parabens! The only bummer is it’s a little pricey, but considering how long this has lasted, it’s a pretty worthwhile investment.

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer / hellorigby! Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer – For a long time I scoffed at all of the bloggers who recommended this (Kristen, Sarah, and Jamie, I know all three of you have!) When I was in California, we were perusing the beauty aisle at Target and I bit the bullet and bought this. It stayed in the package the whole trip… then I finally tried it when we got home. My logic was obviously flawed, but this stuff is not. I have now recommended it to everyone and their mom by calling it “magical” and “cheap”… two words that often don’t go together, but do in this case. Really what I’m getting at here is don’t be dumb like me, just try this. (Pro tips: Don’t over apply, it will get cakey. Also, this works as a great blemish concealer.)

Bareminerals Ready Blush / hellorigby! BareMinerals Ready Blush in The Aphrodisiac – I’ve used this for years. It stopped my cheek break outs (pretty sure I’m allergic to either Bismuth or Talc, which is in many blushes) and I will never use anything else, because I prefer to not mess with a good thing. ;)

…And now that I’ve shown you mine, what’s in your makeup bag right now?

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