Brown to Blonde Balayage from Seven the Salon, Seattle / hellorigby!

A Big Reveal… & Giveaway

26th November 2014

No, I’m not pregnant. But I did change-up my hair a bit. If we’re being honest, this is my first time ever getting my hair colored in a salon, and I was so excited when SEVEN the Salon reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying something new with my hair and blogging about it. The last time I had my hair colored, it ended up being a disaster after it faded and basically was orange.

Brown to Blonde Balayage from Seven the Salon, Seattle / hellorigby! Please excuse the frizz. As you may know the weather is unpredictable in Seattle, and wouldn’t you know it… right as I went to take photos it started raining. #BloggerProbz

I arrived at the Pacific Place location of SEVEN the Salon and instantly felt at ease. The hip salon offers robes to wear over your clothes to be sure you don’t get any hair gunk on them, complimentary beverage (they made me a Peppermint Mocha, yum!), and they spin tunes while you get your hair done. It’s a fun atmosphere, and different from most any salon I’ve ever been to.

Hair cut and color review from SEVEN the Salon Seattle / hellorigby!

I was a little nervous about getting my hair colored and cut by someone new, but my stylist Maritza calmed my nerves. She knew exactly what I wanted when I said I wanted a “subtle ombre” and decided a Balayage would be perfect for the look I wanted. She also didn’t want to go crazy with a hair cut – she kept it simple, only trimming the ends and adding in a few new layers to help show off the new color. I don’t know how many times over the years stylists have tried to cut my hair short – it’s my biggest pet peeve with new stylists and I was so glad Maritza could basically read my mind!

Balayage Service & Review from SEVEN the salon Seattle / hellorigby!

Four hours later, and my hair was a lot more blonde than it was when I left the house – but not in a shocking way. My goal was for super subtle sun-kissed ends that didn’t need much touch up. What’s great about Balayage is you really don’t have to go in for touch ups as frequently as highlights or all-over color – just every 4-6 months, only more often if you decide you want to go brighter. And obviously if you don’t end up liking the style, grow out isn’t terrible since the strands are hand painted to look natural and don’t come straight from the crown.

Have you ever colored your hair? What was your experience like?

Disclosure: Hair services and products were received in exchange for this blog post. No further compensation was received, and as usual, opinions and words are my own. :)

And on a completely different note… Helene and friends are bringing you a fun giveaway to win $130 to Forever 21! After you’ve shopped for everyone else on your list, you can treat yoself with this one!

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November Budget, Shopping, Spending, & Haul Post / hellorigby!

November Budget & Spending

25th November 2014

I’m sharing my budget a little earlier this month than normal… I guess that’s a good thing considering some of it may get thrown out the window due to the fun shopping fiasco that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The funny thing about the holidays that I’ve noticed since blogging? In real life and in blog life, things at the end of the month get a little hectic.

I’m going to do a bit of a different breakdown this month. Inspired by some other budgeting bloggers, and after my co-worker mentioned being curious why I didn’t share the things I bought that I didn’t keep, I figured I’d add a few new categories.

What I Bought

November Budget, Shopping, Spending, & Haul Post / hellorigby!

Ann Taylor: I had to find a dress the night before the Goodwill Gala after winning some tickets from their Facebook page! I had a heck of a time finding a classy “glitter” dress, but I ended up really loving the Beaded Ponte Sheath Dress. If you’re petite like me, I highly recommend their petite section for tailor-free dresses in a pinch. I purchased this in a 2P. After trying on the 4P, it was just a better fit around the waist and hip area.

Swap Group: I purchased a couple of dresses from a swap group I’m in. Unfortunately neither worked out, which is the risk you take while swapping, but I paid $19 for both so I can’t complain too much. I’ll probably make a few bucks back from ThredUp for next month. ;)

Goodwill Glitter Sale: I had ridiculous good fortune at the Goodwill Glitter sale. Seriously, if you’re in Seattle, go go go next year. I picked up these Christian Louboutin Very Prive Snakeskin Peep Toe for $25, these Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Slingbacks for $15, a 70s vintage reversible fur/leather vest for $40, some art deco costume jewelry for about $15, and a pair of Vintage Frye slouch booties for $25 that you’ve seen me wear a few times here and here.

Sephora: I ran out of Benefit Gimme Brow (my favorite, despite trying a few other products over the last few months) and I picked up a new moisturizer for winter, Clinique Moisture Surge with a gift card.

Etsy: I ordered Dave and I “ugly” Christmas sweaters from Dentz Design this year. I picked up a Chirstmas Story themed one for me, and a Home Alone themed one for Dave, at $19 each. They aren’t here yet… shipping so far seems to be a little slow, but fingers crossed they show up soon!

Nordstrom: I picked up a few items during the Nordstrom Clearance sale, but this Kut From the Kloth Lincoln Jacket is the only thing I kept. I loveee it. See it in action here.

What I Returned

What I Returned - November Budget / hellorigby!

ModCloth: I fell in love with the Deco with the Flow Dress. It’s gorgeous, but it was too long and too wide on my petite (read: short) frame. It’s too detailed to have hemmed, so back it went.

Nordstrom: Okay, so yes, these Zella Reversible Live In Leggings are really comfortable, but they’re too long on me. I wish they came in petite lengths, because they pool at my ankles (you can see this happens on the model too, but it’s worse on me). I may actually try the Big Girls for a better fit in length. ;)

DSW: I’ve been obsessed with these Crown Vintage Lacy Booties, so I bought them. If only they came in half sizes… the 37 is too big, and no doubt the 36 would be too small. They’re not carried in store, otherwise I would try them. Boo.

What I Received

What I Received: November Budget & Spending / hellorigby!

I feel really fortunate to be able to work with companies and small business owners who have really, really awesome products!

Henry Pete’s Pasture: This funky fringe triangle scarf came from my friend Stef. Do me a favor and check out her shop – she’s got a ton of scarves and beanies that would make perfect holiday gifts!

Kiss: I received the Instawave Automatic Curling Wand for review… demo and tutorial coming soon!

Chloe & Isabel: Alysia reached out to me about the new holiday collection from Chloe & Isabel, and the pieces are just gorgeous. She sent me their Pave Ball Stud Earrings and the Celestial Frost Hair Pin Duo. Styling and giveaway is coming soon!

Firmoo: I also scored a new pair of glasses for review from Firmoo. These are great, and you can win frames of your own for just a couple more days here!

This is the first month in a while that I actually didn’t sell any clothes. I have a few bags to send to ThredUp and I’m also going to send one to Twice soon as well, so hopefully that will help off-set any damage done during Black Friday! I can’t believe that’s almost here… and luckily, I really don’t have any big shopping plans. Here’s to keeping my personal shopping in check this next month! ;)

What did you buy last month? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Firmoo Glasses Review & Giveaway / hellorigby

Leather, Stripes, Firmoo Glasses, & Giveaway

22nd November 2014

Do you ever sit down to do something, and just come up blank? Pretty sure that’s how I’m feeling today. Not sure if it’s because I missed my coffee this morning, my pounding right side headache that made a reappearance, or what, but I’m just feeling off my game today.

I sat down to write, and I got nothing. It’s like radio silence in my head.

The only thing I can think of lately is how much I have to do. It’s a week until Thanksgiving, and I’ve got nothing figured out to bring. I’ve also yet to look at any Black Friday ads. This is way out of the norm for me. (Actually, it’s probably better that way… I’m already over budget this month.)

Firmoo Glasses, Kut from the Kloth Lincoln Draped Leather Jacket, Skinny Jeans, PIrate Booties, and Stripes / hellorigby! Continue reading

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What I Read November / hellorigby!

What I Read November & Treat Yo Self Link Up!

20th November 2014

I know, I know. I say this every month, but how is November already almost over? Next week is Thanksgiving, and of course my favorite shopping day of the year, Black Friday! I’m excited, but it’s all coming too fast for me. I still haven’t even figured out what I’m making to take to Thanksgiving yet! Eek.

But anyways, since it’s that time of month, I thought I’d update on my reading progress (or lack thereof!) If you remember, I’m trying to read 100 books this year, and that’s not looking so good for me right now. I’m hoping I can kick my reading up a notch over the holidays though. We shall see. But without further ado, here’s What I Read in November:

What I Read November / hellorigby! Continue reading

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