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5 Things Friday + Lovely Letters

29th August 2014

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to have today off to make a super long weekend. Yay! We very rarely get additional days off at my work, so I’m pretty pumped to get a freebie like this, especially when we already have a holiday coming up. Anyways, I thought I’d share 5 things I’ve been digging this week to start off the weekend.

1 / Lovely Letters

Last month I signed up to be part of a pen pal swap called Lovely Letters on Esther & Jacob! I got paired with Katrina, who blogs on a super cute food blog called Table For Two, Please. Here’s what she sent me:

Lovely Letters Blog Swap / hellorigby!

- Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Cookies – Rigby loved these!
- Dog Cookie Recipe
- Homemade Bookmark – so cute!
- Lovely Letter
…Thanks Katrina!

2 / But First Coffee Mug Swap

I also signed up for a mug swap on But First, Coffee and got paired with Jamie of SnapGinger! She sent me this super cute #ShibaInu mug! Love it, obviously.

3 / Links I’m Loving

I thought I’d share a few links I’ve loved this week:
- Melissa of Daily Chaos shared why being ‘blog famous’ isn’t for her
- CoSchedule wrote this great article about emotional headlines
- Love this round-up of places for petite ladies to shop from Racked
- Julep posted a recap of the Blue Nile Sparkle event I attended
- Don’t miss out on your chance to win $100 to Lululemon or $300 PayPal cash!
- Kristen of See You In a Porridge shared her thoughts on the mean comments that are way too common on the internet

4 / Weekend Plans

… I have none and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m going to be catching up on blog reading, book reading, make some face lifts to the blog that have been on my to-do list, and catch up on household chores (ew, but necessary). What are you up to this weekend?

5 / Labor Day Sales

So my budget is basically screwed for September. I may or may not have found a few awesome Labor Day Sales. Here are the ones I’ve shopped so far:
- Nordstrom is running 40% off a tons of things. I picked up this military-inspired coat, I’m going to try to find these slip ons in my size in store, and I grabbed this cropped blouse.
- Sole Society is running a 70% off sale. These block heels got great reviews (comfortable 3″+ heels, yes please!) and they’re less than $25! Sold.
- Old Navy has a huge labor day sale going on, with items starting at just a few bucks, like this pencil skirt for $6, this dress for $6, and these graphic tees for $6. Insanity.
- Rag and Bone is normally way out of my price range, but they’re running an insane sale on their Classic Newbury Booties for more than half off… $250! Someone talk me out of these.

Hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend, and I’d love to hear what you’re going to be up to this week in the comments! :)

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Tribal Print Pant, Jean Jacket with Seattle Goodwill / hellorigby!

Thrifty Thursday: Happy Pants

28th August 2014

These pants may not be the most flattering. Some may even think they’re crazy. But more importantly, I’ve deemed them the Happy Pants, because they’re bright, colorful, and slouchy-comfy-coziness makes me smile.

Tribal Print Pant, Jean Jacket with Seattle Goodwill / hellorigby!

With styling, sometimes I think people get really hung up over what is the most figure-flattering. I think I get caught in that trap too – but let’s be real, sometimes I want to wear something that feels good, not looks good. Not to say I don’t look good, or that I do; I think this is a fun outfit. I can chase my dog around the park and not worry about breaking an ankle. But it’s not traditionally what one may call chic, fashion-forward, or ground breaking. And that’s okay. Some days this is what I need.

Track Pant, Denim Jacket, White Tee / hellorigby!

But I’m sure these pants have a story. I think they were loved by someone before me. You can tell they’ve been washed a bit. Maybe they’re even scrub pants. I honestly I have no idea because I got them from Seattle Goodwill, and they could have been someone’s favorite pair of pants. I will never know. Thrifting is magical like that, you never will know who wore it before you, where it came from, or what its story is. Imagining where it came from is pretty fun though, and when I picked these up and tried them on they just felt good. (And a bit like pajamas… but you know that’s okay. I’m cool with that, it’s not the only pair of pants I have like this, so sue me. ;) )

Denim Jacket, Creme de la Creme Tee, & Patterned Pant / hellorigby!

Now they’re my pants, my happy pants, and they’re fun and funky and you know what was funny? People were smiling at me when I was wearing these yesterday. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Seattle freeze? Apparently we’re famous for being “frozen” in this state… I think it is someone’s nice way of saying aloof or even rude. I don’t believe it, but regardless, I was getting smiled at yesterday, and I’d like to think it was because of these pants.

What I’m Wearing
Pants: c/o Seattle Goodwill
Top: Old Navy (similar)
Jacket: Sonoma Life & Style
Sandals: Birkenstock Mayari
Glasses: Ray-ban

Do you have any clothing that you just love because it makes you happy? I’d love to hear about it!

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Rigby's Dogventure with Dogvacay / hellorigby!

Rigby’s #Dogventure with DogVacay

27th August 2014

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Mom woke me up this morning and threw me in the bathtub. What on dog’s earth is going on?! Doesn’t she know I love to smell ever so slightly of Fritos and whatever I most recently rolled in? Ugh, moms are the worst.

Rigby's Dogventure with Dogvacay / hellorigby!

I digress, it was a terrible thing to wake up to, but I figured there must be something good in it for me. And you know what, I think there was! She gave me special cookies after my bath (no, not those kind of special cookies) and told me I was a good boy. Little did she know I was plotting my post-bath time revenge.

Rigby the Shiba Inu Gets Bath / hellorigby!

As soon as I got out of the tub, I wriggled out of her arms and shook all over the bathroom. Mom was so excited about it, that she started chasing me down with a towel! Oh boy, I was barking, and zooming, and spinning around and around. Mom and Dad love it when I do that. They call it the “zoomies” and laugh at me, it’s great fun. Especially when I get to bite them.

Rigby the Shiba Inu Takes a Nap / hellorigby!

Anyways, after that, I was tired so I took a little nap. But not too long after, Mom woke me up and told me we had to go, that we had plans! Plans? Sounds suspiciously like Mom wants to take me back to the vet for another “special procedure” or to the “farm for bad dogs.” Uh oh.

Well, I was leashed up and ready to go, when Mom dropped me in the car. Car rides are not my favorite activity, but I’ll keep up appearances for the humans and pretend to tolerate it. Anyways, Mom was driving and we ended up at this park. I was very relieved when she leashed me up, that must mean we’re going on a walk!

Shiba Inu gets taken for a walk in the forest / Dogventure Dogvacay / hellorigby!

Of course the first thing I had to do when we arrived was, um, mark my territory. You know how we boy dogs do. But then it was exploring time!

Shiba Inu Walking in Rocks by Water / hellorigby!

And we explored and we explored. I even sang the song of my people to the other dogs in the park. Oh boy, Mom and Dad really loved that!

Shiba Inu in Creek / Dogventure Dogvacay / hellorigby!

Mom even tells me that next time she and Dad have to travel that she’ll leave me with someone extra special from a place called DogVacay to continue the Dogventure. Have you heard of them? Mom says it’s a pretty sweet service – you search for a sitter in your area, and a list of people nearby shows up. You then can read their profiles and decide if you think we’d be a match! With a couple of clicks, you can book your stay, and it even includes pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo “pupdates” from your sitter. They’ll even come to your house if you want!

So I guess if Mom has to leave me, it’s best to leave me with a sitter through DogVacay. Though I’m still not sure how I feel about Mom ever leaving me. Shh, don’t tell her I said that!

DogVacay Logo
Thanks to DogVacay for sponsoring today’s post and helping us have a fun #dogventure. For more information about DogVacay and to book a stay with one of their sitters, visit their website.

Have you heard of DogVacay? Would you trust your furry friend to a sitter?
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Bad Date Stories with Hinge + a giveaway!

26th August 2014

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Something I absolutely do not miss is bad dates. I’m sure we all have had them, right? I thought I’d share one of my most awkward dates, and a way to stop them forever, with a new app that’s launching today in Seattle called Hinge.

Bad Date Stories with Hinge / hellorigby!

So first off, my bad date wasn’t really that bad. It was just incredibly awkward. Picture the shyest boy you’ve ever met. Got him in your mind? Okay, so that’s who I went out on a date with. He was really sweet, and meant well, but it was painfully awkward. While I’m no extrovert, carrying on a conversation with someone who looks to be physically ill at the thought of small talk is painful.

Not to mention, he had absolutely NO idea what we were doing for our “date”. He feebly handed me a coupon to Buca di Beppo and told him his mom suggested getting food from there. The only problem? The coupon was only good for take out. So, we went and perused the menu, ordered take out… and had nowhere to eat it. I suggested we take it to a local park (because um, eating in his car on the first date would have been even more awkward) and we ate it on some play equipment. At a park. We were definitely too old for that, but I digress.

He really was a nice guy, just maybe not the nice guy I was looking for. I will admit, I did give him another chance… and I can’t say that date was any better. (I’m pretty sure it involved teriyaki take out for one, because he “wasn’t hungry” and a stroll around the waterfront. Pretty, but way too much awkward silence for me.)

Hopefully he’s found an equally shy lady, or has broken out of his shy-guy shell by this point. Regardless, if you’re trying to avoid your polar opposite, you should really try out Hinge!

Hinge is a new service to find a partner that could be a perfect match for you. What’s awesome about Hinge is that you’ve got a huge safety net – as it uses your social networks to match you up with friends of friends. Unlike apps that show you randos nearby, Hinge shows you only people in your extended social circles – the types of people your friends might introduce you to, but haven’t had the chance yet.

Hinge will send you 20 potential connections each day from your extended social networks. It’s way easier to meet and connect with friends-of-friends, right? You also can favorite or pass on profiles, and get full details on your potential match’s friends, jobs, photos, religion, and more. And you know how I mentioned my awkward date with a lack of destination? Hinge has got you covered. They’ll introduce you two, plus suggest a meeting place to break the ice. Now if only this had been around when I was dating…

Clearly if you’re looking for a date, Hinge is your wing-woman. And you’re in good company too, as most Hingers (is that a thing? It should be) has 30+ friends already on the app in 10 cities (DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, and today, Seattle.) Hinge also has some mad bragging rights – they’ve made 3 million matches and have celebrated several engagements already!

Don’t take my word for it though… click here to download and try Hinge out for yourself. Happy matching!

Hinge App Logo / hellorigby!
Thank you to Hinge for sponsoring today’s post. For more about Hinge, download their FREE app on your iPhone or Android.

And in other news, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars and friends are giving away $100 to Lululemon, so before your hot date with your match from Hinge you can get your sweat on in style!

The Caro Diaries // Sweet Magnolia
Seeking Sunshine // The Growing Up Diaries
Venus Trapped in Mars // Hellorigby!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
So, tell me, what’s your most awful (or awkward!) date story? I know you have them!

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Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

Urban Campfire Seattle Recap

26th August 2014

Last week, I had the privilege of being sent to Urban Campfire in Seattle by Luna with my friend Sarah. I hadn’t heard of Urban Campfire before, but after reading a bit about it, it sounded right up my alley. Inspiring women, check. S’mores, check. Held in an airplane hangar, check. Sounded pretty sweet to me.

Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

This year’s theme was “Own Your Style.” I can get down with that, I mean, I’m pretty sure that mantra is exactly what this blog is about. I enjoy owning my weird interests and quirks and oversharing them with you.

Audience Taking It All In / Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

At the beginning of the day, women took to the stage to share how they owned their style. One of the first women to speak shared about being bullied, and owning her style regardless of the naysayers. It really brought me back to my middle school days, and memories of my own that I really had buried. There was this awful group of girls that I really wanted to be friends with. I mean, I was 11, but why I wasted my breath on them is still beyond me. What I wish I had known then was that I was strong and I didn’t need them to validate me with their friendship.

Another point that really resonated with me was to stop focusing on all of the negatives. Christina Rasmussen lost her husband to cancer, and she shares her inspiring story on her blog of moving on and finding her happy ending. What she said that I really liked was that there are thousands of people who are going to die today, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. But what we can control is living each day like there is no tomorrow.

There were a lot of inspiring words to be had that day, here are some of them and the women who shared them:

Susan Hyatt Speaking / Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

The most dangerous thing is a woman who owns her style.
- Susan Hyatt

Tory Johnson and Emma Johnson The Shift / Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

[We] overestimate what we can do in a short amount of time, and [we] underestimate what we can do over a long period of time.
- Tory Johnson

Women cannot be likeable and powerful, yet we like men who are likeable and powerful.
- Shasta Nelson (on why we need to find powerful women to be friends with)

Group Hug / Urban Campfire Seattle 2014 Recap / hellorigby!

Don’t fill the table with women because you’re trying to fill a quota. Fill a table with women because we make it better.
- Shelley Zallis

A woman who wants to be a man is a waste of a woman.
- Sarah Jessica Parker (okay, so she wasn’t there, but Shelley shared this with us, and well, I love SJP.)

Do any of these words resonate with you? How do you define your style?

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