October Clothing Budget

I swear I say this every month, but I really can’t believe October is just about over. I won’t lie, I’m getting excited for my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course. I like Halloween, but I feel like when you don’t have kids and are too old for trick-or-treating and kind of over the party scene, it’s not quite as fun.

Anyways, enough about holidays (though admittedly, it does relate to budgets. I mean, I basically blow all of mine on Black Friday yearly…) because the real reason we are here today is to look at what I bought with my clothing budget last month.

October Clothing Budget / hellorigby!

October Clothing Budget

Target: I bought the “inspired by” version of the blanket scarf that everyone in blogland has been clamoring for. It’s super soft and will be perfection come frosty temperatures. I also found some adorable fair isle fox leggings (these are similar, but the ones I bought are fox faces and remind me of a certain doggie.) Spent $35

Etsy: Fellow Seattle blogger Kendra of Simply Darrling makes these adorable infinity scarves, and she happened to have a fox print one. Of course I had to pick it up! Spent $15

Forever 21: I went to return something and ended up exchanging and then some… oops. I picked up this Beatles Sweatshirt, a Cropped Sweatshirt (similar), and a Pleather Skirt. Oh, and then during their Columbus Day (or Indigenous Peoples’ Day if you’re a local) sale I got this hat too. Love it! Spent $72

Modcloth: I got lured in by the Stylish Surprise, and got this cute dress. Too bad it’s far too small to even zip over half of my boobs. Free to a good home! :) Spent $10

JustFab: My first experience with JustFab was a good one, I got the Pierce Booties for 75% off for the low, low price of $22! I’d say it’s a crazy deal for genuine leather, and they look great for the price. Spent $22

Nordstrom Rack: Okay, I did not plan to go here and shop. I was dragged by family, and didn’t want to be rude. Well, that may be a slight stretch, but I was doing SO well until this sad, lonely coat (similar) was calling my name at the end of a rack. I tried it on, and it started screaming, so I just had to buy it. Spent $99

Total Budget: $175
Total Spent: $253
Total Sold: $199
October’s Damage = $54

And now I can breathe a sigh of relief. My wallet is scared for next month though.  

And in favor of trying new things, how would you guys feel about doing a video of these budget posts? Any interest, or am I just a little too video happy lately? Let me know, and also tell me what you bought last month!

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26 thoughts on “October Clothing Budget

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh no! What a bummer. Not sure I’ll be doing another stylish surprise… seems like this year was a bust for most who participated. :(

  1. Cat

    Ooo, I love that Target scarf! I’ve still been eyeing that ASOS scarf you shared, but I just can’t convince myself to spend that much on a frickin’ scarf. This seems so much more budget-friendly…

    My budget has been frickin’ blown for the month. Not only did I just spend about $1000 on my car for random repairs, I bought a new TV for the living room. No Black Friday shopping for meeeeee.

    Cat recently posted…7 Ways to Beat DepressionMy Profile

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, Poshmark and ThredUp! But to be fair, I sold a big ticket item (Coach bag). It does suck, I’m pretty sure it’s mislabeled, or it just runs incredibly small for a small.


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