5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner Has Changed Me

Just shy of two years ago, my whole world was rocked when we picked up a little Shiba Inu named Rigby. Rigby is my very first dog, and I would have never guessed as to how much he would change me. He basically took over my life – including inspiring the name of this blog! ;) Since Jamie from SnapGinger is a big dog lover (and isn’t Roxy the cutest?!), I figured sharing 5 ways becoming a dog owner has changed me would be relatable to all of the other dog lovers out there.

5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner has Changed Me / hellorigby.com

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17 thoughts on “5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner Has Changed Me

  1. Catherine R.

    I know what it is like having to put down a beloved pet. Three years ago on day after Christmas we had to put down our 16 year old yellow lab Bonnie. It was really, really hard. They are such important parts of our lives! We are so happy to have our sweet Maltese Albie. He’ll be two in May. He’s a total love! I’m so glad you guys have Rigby. He’s pretty fantastic.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, so sorry you lost your Bonnie. It really is tragic to lose a pet, no matter the age. I’m glad we both have our pups to fill the holes that they leave!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ha! Good pick… but I have to warn you, they are a handful! I was actually thinking of writing a post about Shibas specifically since I’ve had quite a few questions. :)

  2. Chelsie

    I just wrote a similar post a few days ago on all the things I have learned since bringing Rosie home. One of the best things that Rosie has done for me is opened a door to a whole new network of friends. Having a dog is basically giving permission to anyone else with a dog to come up and say hello.
    Chelsie recently posted…What I wish I knew before…My Profile


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