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The Short Girl Way to Wear a Dress Over Jeans + Pants // Try the Trend

As a short girl, there are so many styles that the “fashion experts” say that I shouldn’t wear. Sometimes, I’m left wondering if there’s anything that those so-called experts think I should wear! And obviously, a dress over jeans or pants is definitely on the “no” list!

But if there’s anything I’ve learned through this fashion experiment that is my blog, it’s that I love trying everything: even typical “no-no’s”! And after seeing the dress over pants look all over the street style stars at NYFW SS 18, I knew I wanted to try the trend too! If you’re like me and are a fashion rebel of the petite persuasion, then I’ve got a new trend for you to try, too.

Is it possible to style this look without looking even shorter?! I think so! So how do you wear a dress over jeans or pants as a short girl? I’ve rounded up 3 ways that I style the look without looking terribly frumpy or shorter than you actually are!

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How to Cut Your Shopping Habit Wayyy Back // Earth-Friendly Shopping Tips

Being a blogger is a lot of fun. But for those who err on the side of being a, how should I say this nicely… a shopaholic? Well, it can definitely only increase the shopping habit. When I first started blogging, especially sharing more of my outfits and beauty trends, I found myself placing a lot more online orders and it became hard to break the shopping cycle. My favorite blogger has a new cute dress? How can I say no?!

Disclosure: Thanks to Value Village for providing a gift certificate to purchase some of the items in this outfit. All opinions are my own!

Photos by Nora Emily Photo

I also found myself super fascinated by haul videos on YouTube, and loved watching some of my favorite style and beauty creators shop their hearts out and sharing all of there new goodies. Quickly, I became painfully aware that not only were my shopping habits becoming expensive, but they also weren’t doing anything positive for the environment. The amount of waste that is created by shipping – the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, boxes, and bags – can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, I’ve figured out a few ways to cut my shopping habit way back, yet still get new pieces into my closet every season. Curious how I’m doing this? Read on to find out how!

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How to Get Out of a Style Rut // Join me for the #hellostylechallenge!

When I started working an office job post-college, my creativity when it came to fashion and dressing myself took a nose dive. Adjusting to post-college life was stressful. A new schedule, lots of learning, and my own personal drive for perfection led me to focus more on my work and less on my interests, and in turn, put me into a style rut.

Photos by Brittany Sue Photo

A few years later, realizing that focusing on my career with most of my energy wasn’t making me happy, and coming to the conclusion that I had no real other hobbies to speak of, I started Hello Rigby. When I started this blog, I had no intention of writing about fashion. Not at first, anyway.

One day, I posted an outfit. It was scary, but I did it. It wasn’t a good outfit. It wasn’t anything I would wear now. But it was a start. And ultimately, here we are today.

So how did I get out of a style rut?

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Putting a Spring in Our Step // His & Hers Weekend Style with Clarks Shoes

A sunny spring weekend in Seattle is kind of my favorite. Sure, it may be a little chilly, but the sun on your face makes it feel like spring is actually here, or at the very least, on its way. And fortunately for me, we’ve had a lot more of these lately. Now if only the sun would stay out a little later so I could enjoy it after a day at the office too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Zappos and Clarks Shoes. All opinions are my own!

Sunny weekends inspire me to be more active. Something about the sun beckons me outside, whether it’s in the yard, or out and about in the city. Dave and I often like to try out new restaurants (if you haven’t figured it out by now, brunch is my favorite!) and explore our neighborhood… even if we don’t exactly live there.

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5 Styles of Hats Anyone Can Pull Off + My Hat Collection

 I have a bit of a hat problem.

I’m not sure if it’s actually a problem, but I have a lot of them. So many, in fact, that I had to start displaying them on my wall because they were getting buried in my closet and squished under clothes, so putting them on a shelf stopped making a lot of sense.

I first started my love affair with hats a few years ago. Sure, I’d have the odd baseball cap or bucket hat in my collection over the years and in my youth, but my adult hat collection was almost non-existent in college. It all started with a straw fedora I found at Target. We were heading to Vegas and I wanted something to keep the sun off my face.

Dave thought it looked a bit silly, but I proceeded to wear the hat for almost our entire trip. I realized then that hats are transformative. They make a bland outfit fun. They make you look put together, regardless of whether you actually are. And best of all, they hide a bad hair day. That’s probably my favorite, especially during the winter when my hair is a static-y mess.

So, what’s my favorite hat?

Read on to find out my 5+ must-have hat recommendations, my favorite hats, what to travel with, and more!

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