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Metal Allergy? Here’s How I Rock Jewelry Without the Itch

I’ve always been one to shy away from over accessorizing. While some women enjoy wearing many rings, layering on necklaces, and rocking an arm party full of bracelets, I’ve just found that for me, less is more feels right. And it turns out, it’s not just my personal style that dictates that. It’s also my metal allergy.

How to Wear Jewelry With a Metal Allergy Disclosure: Thanks to AUrate for providing complimentary jewelry that is featured in this post. All opinions are my own!

When statement necklaces were the hot new thing, I jumped on board fairly late. I bought a few and wore them a few times each. But really, it rarely felt like “me.” I love a good sparkle as much as the next girl, but truth be told, I’m actually allergic to most costume jewelry so by the end of the night I’d be accessorizing with red steaks around my neck from itching. Not exactly the accessory look I was going for. ;)

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become apparent that costume jewelry – the stuff you can find at mall retailers and discount stores – isn’t the best choice for me. The irritation of jewelry drove me so crazy that I began to think I was allergic to all of it – “sensitive” jewelry, silver, gold, even “platinum” ended in the itches by the end of the day.

Does this sound familiar to you, too?

Because it’s a problem I’ve heard numerous other women relate to, and when talking about it, they’ve had the same complaints as me! From the back of their watches to necklaces and earrings, a lot of us have metal allergies (called metal hypersensitivity) to cheap options like nickel, chromium, and copper.

I was confused about why even “gold,” “silver,” and “platinum” would bother me. Well, until I did a little research anyway.

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Stepping into Summer Style for Him & Her with Clarks

This weekend, it felt like summer arrived. Today, well, Seattle weather wouldn’t be Seattle weather if it didn’t change its mind from time to time.

As I look out the windows of the airport and am currently seeing all gray. (I’m waiting to board a flight to San Francisco. More on that soon!) I’m reminded of our sunny Saturday, spent doing what we do best: eating, caffeinating, exploring neighboring cities, and getting ice cream. What can I say, we like our ice cream. ;)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Zappos and Clarks Shoes. All opinions are my own!

So what’s the problem with the time between seasons? The weather is always changing and completely unpredictable! Not every day is sunny, some days it rains, and sometimes the forecast is entirely wrong.

Today, I’m partnering with my friends at Zappos to share how to dress for this transitional time between spring and summer, and sharing my picks for comfortable shoes to rock all summer long!

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Spring Knits with Joseph A // Exclusive Memorial Day Sale!

As spring comes to an end and summer begins, it’s officially time to pack up my fall and winter pieces. I haven’t worn a proper coat in weeks. I’ve been grabbing my open toe shoes over ankle booties more frequently. And my pale ghost legs have been exposed in outfits more than not.

As many of you PNW natives know, or even those not from here have probably heard, the weather can turn on a dime. That’s why for my spring and summer wardrobe, layering knitwear pieces can be a lifesaver. And also keeps me warm in my over-air-conditioned office building! Does anyone else have that problem too?!

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Joseph A for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

Fortunately, I’ve been introduced to a new-to-me brand called Joseph A that creates amazingly beautiful, timeless and reasonably priced knit pieces. With a variety of weights and silky soft materials, these pieces have been constants in my wardrobe since I received them! Even better? Almost all of their pieces come in a multitude of colors, from neutrals to pastels to brights. I hate finding the perfect piece only to realize they only offer one color and I can’t have more than one in my closet!

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces just in time for their Memorial Day Sale! Visit their website and use code HELLO at checkout to receive a whopping 40% off your purchase! Curious what my top picks are? Read on, then shop for your own spring and summer knitwear!

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5 Thrift Fashion Finds for Spring // #FindtheFind

It was another rainy spring day in Seattle when I headed out to my local Value Village™ store for a little thrift adventure. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have watched to see what I found, and voted on some of the thrift fashion finds I was contemplating. (And if you don’t, shameless plug to follow me now!)

If you’re not an avid thrifter quite yet, let me sing the praises. Value Village, also known as Savers® or Unique® Thrift depending on your location, offers a wide variety of quality designer label and name brand clothing at unbeatable prices. With over 100,000 items on the sales floor at any given moment and thousands of quality items arriving every single day, you can be sure you’ll find a treasure at every turn. Almost every outfit I wear has a piece I’ve thrifted, like the coat and the dress I wore to shop were both found at Value Village locations around Seattle this past fall!

With most items below $7, you can count on great deals and thrift fashion finds no matter when you shop. Don’t forget to also join the Super Savers Club™ to earn rewards and save even more on future purchases. For every $1 spent,  you get one step closer to 20% off your purchase of up to $100.

So what was I thrifting for this trip? Read on for my 5 spring trends that you should be shopping for at Value Village this season!

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The Short Girl Way to Wear a Dress Over Jeans + Pants // Try the Trend

As a short girl, there are so many styles that the “fashion experts” say that I shouldn’t wear. Sometimes, I’m left wondering if there’s anything that those so-called experts think I should wear! And obviously, a dress over jeans or pants is definitely on the “no” list!

But if there’s anything I’ve learned through this fashion experiment that is my blog, it’s that I love trying everything: even typical “no-no’s”! And after seeing the dress over pants look all over the street style stars at NYFW SS 18, I knew I wanted to try the trend too! If you’re like me and are a fashion rebel of the petite persuasion, then I’ve got a new trend for you to try, too.

Is it possible to style this look without looking even shorter?! I think so! So how do you wear a dress over jeans or pants as a short girl? I’ve rounded up 3 ways that I style the look without looking terribly frumpy or shorter than you actually are!

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