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The Fall Fashion Uniforms I Swear By

It’s my favorite time of year: shopping season! Does anyone else look forward to fall fashion just so they can refresh their wardrobe? I guess I’m a through and through fall girl considering I can’t get enough, from updating my everyday basics to a new pair of ankle booties and beyond.

Fall Fashion Uniforms // Seattle Fashion Blogger  Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Riders by Lee. All opinions are my own!

This is my favorite time of year to refresh my daily basics, and once again reignite my biggest hack of the cold weather months: fall fashion uniforms. I’m sure you’ve heard that people who value productivity opt to hack their wardrobe so they make fewer decisions every day. (The late Steve Jobs of Apple was a big proponent of this, with his daily wardrobe of a black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers.) Over the years I’ve established a similar pattern. It’s not quite so cut and dry, but as a non-morning person, having a uniform of sorts makes it helpful for me to spend less time standing in front of my closet, hoping for the perfect outfit to appear and more time in bed.

My Fall Fashion Uniform with Riders by Lee

So, what’s my uniform? A cute sweater, the perfect pair of jeans, and an ankle bootie.

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The Street Style Way to Mix Prints for Everyday Wear

Ah, New York Fashion Week. What a wild adventure that was. From watching the street style queens peacock their way across streets and down sidewalks to the hustle and bustle inside and outside shows, there’s nothing quite like it. I’d be lying if I said I totally fit in, as my style is less street style and more comfort with a dash of quirk.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and gifted product, marked as c/o (courtesy of). If you click a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own!

Photos by Rebecca of Blogger Not Billionaire

The Street Style Way to Mix Prints for Everyday Wear

Going into Fashion Week, I definitely considered buying a bunch of new pieces to try to fit in. Sure, I could blow a bunch of cash to catch someone’s attention or feel like a completely different person, but honestly, that’s just not me. While I love watching and using street style for inspiration, I often tone it down a bit to satisfy my desk to drinks (more likely coffee or one glass or rosé, honestly) lifestyle. And I think that’s the same type of person you are. I’m betting that like me, you work some sort of 9-5 or a variation of it, enjoy hobbies and getting together with friends outside of your office life, and like for your clothes to express your personal style without being too in your face.

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Top: Fred Meyer {similar for under $50} // Pant: Premium Bi Stretch Pant c/o J.Jill // Vest: Fred Meyer {similar for under $30} // Purse: Charming Charlie {similar style} // Shoes: Steve Madden {this year’s version}

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My Last Fix?! Stitch Fix October 2017

As summer comes to a close, I’m reminded how much I appreciate the change in seasons. The end of the season brought wildfires to Seattle, where ash fell from the sky almost like tiny snowflakes. That was the case when I was shooting these photos, and despite the sunny skies, the smell of fire was alarming.

There’s not much I’m looking forward to than a little rain. It means that summer will be leaving us, but it says that fall is indeed here – which truly is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors, the crisp smell in the air, pumpkin everything, Halloween, and the coming holiday season. But, before the rain hits and the chill is entirely in the air, I have one last Stitch Fix to celebrate that awkward transitional time where sleeves are still shorter, but a jacket might be layered on top. ;)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and make a purchase I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own, and I pay for my own Stitch Fix  Subscription. 

Speaking of awkward transitions, you may know that I have missed a couple of Stitch Fixes over the past few months, and my posts have become more and more delayed. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how much longer I will be making them. While I think Stitch Fix is a fun and unique way to shop and try new things, it’s no secret that this girl loves shopping too.

Are you still loving these Stitch Fix posts? I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me as I’m more than open to reimagining them or trying out different services. I’ve put a short survey below where you can anonymously share feedback with me. Thanks in advance, it helps me know what content to create to serve you best!

That all said, if you’re new to Stitch Fix, I’ll break it down real quick. For a $20 styling fee, receive a box on your doorstep containing five items – anything from clothing to jewelry to handbags to shoes based on your style profile and Pinterest style board. Send back what you don’t like, keep what you do, and your $20 styling fee will be deducted from the total. Keep all five items and receive an additional 25% off. Stitch Fix also serves male clients too! Have a significant other or male relative in need of some shopping assistance? Send them over to Stitch Fix Men! It works the same way, and it’s perfect for the man in your life because let’s be honest, most men hate shopping!

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5 Must-Have Fall Wardrobe Essentials

How has fall already snuck up on me? It seems like the weather went from hot and sweaty to chilly in no time, and while fall fashion is most definitely more of my forte, it’s a little sad to begin packing up some of my summer favorites in favor of my fall wardrobe essentials. I will admit that Dave and I have already argued about whether or not we should turn the heat on already. (Yes, these are the things we “argue” about. Homeownership problems at their finest.)

Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in this post. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. Thanks for supporting Hello Rigby!

On one of those transitional days in late August, I met my friend Lisa of Story of My Dress at a nearby coffee shop to take a break from the work grind and shoot some photos. We were both thrilled to work with The Frye Company to share their store grand opening earlier this month. (They’re in University Village near the Anthropologie store, if you haven’t checked it out yet! It’s gorgeous.) And, we were both thrilled to be gifted a pair of boots to keep! I chose the Frye Tate Chelsea Boot, with a perfect, classic style in a gorgeous Bordeaux color.

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Photos by Lisa of Story of My Dress

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Back to School Memories from a Former College Student

It’s been a few years since I went back to school, but I can remember my most traumatic one like it was yesterday. I had applied to go to Washington State University almost as an after thought. At the time, j was wushu-washy whether I actually wanted to live in the middle of nowhere for four years of college, but figured it was worth it to apply to another in-state school, just in case.

Boohoo Midi Jumpsuit // Back to School Outfit Ideas for College Students // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Disclosure: Boohoo provided some of the pieces in this outfit, but all thoughts are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may make a small commission.

If you’re not from the area, Pullman is a small college town east of the mountains. It’s about an hour and a half from civilization (a bigger city, Spokane) and about 10 minutes from the Washington-Idaho border. So yeah, middle of nowhere! And about this time, too many years ago than I’d wish to share, I was off to that mysterious place for freshmen orientation. What can I say, I’m a bit reminiscent of that time in my life and couldn’t wait to share a fun outfit that reminds me of heading back to school with Boohoo, one of my favorite affordable places to shop.

What I’m Wearing

Denim Jacket: Jodie Oversize Tassel Back Denim Jacket c/o Boohoo
Jumpsuit: Lexie Strappy Culotte Jumpsuit c/o Boohoo
Necklace: Annie Suedette Wrap Around Choker c/o Boohoo
Shoes: The Frye Company Perforated Ghillie Lace Sandal in Taupe
Backpack: Macey Floral Embroidered Rucksack c/o Boohoo

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