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Back to School Memories from a Former College Student

It’s been a few years since I went back to school, but I can remember my most traumatic one like it was yesterday. I had applied to go to Washington State University almost as an after thought. At the time, j was wushu-washy whether I actually wanted to live in the middle of nowhere for four years of college, but figured it was worth it to apply to another in-state school, just in case.

Boohoo Midi Jumpsuit // Back to School Outfit Ideas for College Students // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Disclosure: Boohoo provided some of the pieces in this outfit, but all thoughts are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may make a small commission.

If you’re not from the area, Pullman is a small college town east of the mountains. It’s about an hour and a half from civilization (a bigger city, Spokane) and about 10 minutes from the Washington-Idaho border. So yeah, middle of nowhere! And about this time, too many years ago than I’d wish to share, I was off to that mysterious place for freshmen orientation. What can I say, I’m a bit reminiscent of that time in my life and couldn’t wait to share a fun outfit that reminds me of heading back to school with Boohoo, one of my favorite affordable places to shop.

What I’m Wearing

Denim Jacket: Jodie Oversize Tassel Back Denim Jacket c/o Boohoo
Jumpsuit: Lexie Strappy Culotte Jumpsuit c/o Boohoo
Necklace: Annie Suedette Wrap Around Choker c/o Boohoo
Shoes: The Frye Company Perforated Ghillie Lace Sandal in Taupe
Backpack: Macey Floral Embroidered Rucksack c/o Boohoo

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Simple Summer Dress Outfits // Story of My Dress for Poshmark Collection 

When I began blogging, I had no idea how much it would change my life. It sounds dramatic, but it’s also very true. I’ve made new life long friends, been involved in interesting projects, and been able to do things that never even crossed my mind. Like go below the SeaTac airport and skip security for an event. Or hang out in a mattress store and get my hair braided. Or get invited to meet Demi Lovato before her concert. Told you.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. All opinions are my own!

Photos by Megan of Diary of This Girl and Lisa of Story of My Dress

I’m not saying this to brag, promise. I didn’t get into blogging because of things like this. I didn’t think any of these things were even possible for smaller bloggers. But as I’ve blogged, the ride of the micro influencer (described as those with less than 100,000 followers or so, depending on whose speaking about it) has changed the landscape.

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Summer Outfits for Work

Air conditioner quit working at your office? Or do you have the type of office where it’s so cold that you dress like it’s fall outside?! Either way, over the years I’ve found myself in both situations and have plenty of suggestions for how to dress for warm weather, even if we don’t get a ton of it here in Seattle!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own!

What to wear in an overly air-conditioned office

At present, my office is often so cold that it feels more like fall inside while outside it has been in the 70s. The concrete jungle of the city makes it feel even warmer when walking from place to place, so it’s it can be tough to navigate the cold inside versus the heat outside.

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Stitch Fix July 2017

Happy July! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Fourth of July. We spent the days leading up to the 4th in Victoria, BC with Dave’s family. It was so nice to get away for a few days and then come home and still have a little time off of work. If you haven’t been, Victoria is a beautiful city and I’ll be sharing more about our trip later this week.

Until then, I have for you a new Stitch Fix! These posts always seem to be popular so I keep doing them. Plus, I can’t lie, I love having a surprise box to open every month. There’s something fun about having someone else find clothes for you that they think are your style. This month is probably my favorite Fix yet. Every piece in this Fix is something I could have seen myself wearing, and the only reason I didn’t keep everything was that not everything fit just right. The struggle is real!

Stitch Fix July 2017: Alice Blue Elmhurst Tie Neck Blouse // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link, I may make a small commission from your purchase. I do pay for this subscription myself. :)

Stitch Fix July 2017 Review

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, I’ll break it down real quick. For a $20 styling fee, receive a box on your doorstep containing five items – anything from clothing to jewelry to handbags to shoes based on your style profile and Pinterest style board. Send back what you don’t like, keep what you do, and your $20 styling fee will be deducted from the total. Keep all five items and receive an additional 25% off. Stitch Fix also serves male clients too! Have a significant other or male relative in need of some shopping assistance? Send them over to Stitch Fix Men! It works the same way, and it’s perfect for the man in your life because let’s be honest, most men hate shopping!

Stitch Fix also offers maternity and petite sizing, and plus sizes have made their debut as well. Stitch Fix is now offering over 90 brands for Plus Size clients in sizes 1X-3X or 14W-24W depending on the brand. Brands include ELOQUII, Junarosa, Slink Jeans, and more. You can sign up for Stitch Fix Plus here.

This time around, I asked for a Summer-themed Fix. I’ve been dying for some new styles that are summer friendly as I recently noticed my wardrobe was lacking in warm weather clothes, especially tops. And now with all the details out of the way, onto what came in my July Stitch Fix!

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What I Wore to Furniture Shop

I won’t lie, I almost always have the house on the brain these days. There’s something about home ownership that turns you (at least at first) into a walking, talking house encyclopedia. Drainage, refinishing, voltage and a myriad of other terms have been more frequently used in my vocabulary as of late. And as one of my friends told me, I have house brain, so any typos or mistakes I make on social media or the blog are forgiven. With that said, I still haven’t lost my love for fashion and sharing my latest #OOTD though!

Grnd Opening of Williams-Sonoma University Village Store in Seattle // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Disclosure: Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for inviting me to their opening and providing products for our new home. All opinions are my own! 

Now that summer is officially here, and temperatures are on the rise, it’s all about staying cool! This past weekend hit 95 degrees, and I basically felt like I was melting. With a handful of hot days a year here, I always feel poorly equipped (fashion and life wise!) to deal with the heat. My friend Lisa had her bridal shower on Saturday, so finding something appropriate for the occasion, summer-ready, and comfortable for a shopping adventure afterward were key.

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