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Holiday Gifts for the Crazy Dog Lady // Giveaway!

Happy Holidays! I’m just starting now to get in full holiday mode; prepping to take some time off work and preparing myself for the fact that Christmas is just about a week away now. How did that happen?! For those of you who are still shopping ’til you drop, I thought I’d share a fun holiday gift guide for the holiday gifts that every dog lover and crazy dog lady alike will appreciate.

Holiday Gifts fro the Dog Lovers // Pet Owner Gift Guide // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own!

Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

From treats and toys for the special pups to customizable gifts and books that educate or warm the heart, there’s something on this list for every dog lover. As with my previous gift guide for fashion lovers, I’m also bringing you a chance to win one big ticket prize, so be sure to read through until the end!

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10 MORE Things to Know About the Shiba Inu Breed

It was about one year ago that I wrote my most popular post ever, innocently titled ten things you should probably know about Shiba Inus. I made a few Shiba owners angry, I had a lot of breeders write me messages thanking me and wanting to share with their pet clients, and I had even more people laugh along with me who own a dog just like mine. I also received a lot of emails from prospective owners wondering if I was exaggerating and if the Shiba Inu breed really might not be for them.

Now over a year later, I still get a lot of questions, so I thought it might be time to write 10 MORE things I think you should know about the Shiba Inu breed! Of course, not every Shiba is just like Rigby. Just like the humans that own them, each dog is a special snowflake with its own set of quirks, likes, and dislikes. However, at their core, Shibas tend to be pretty similar in that they are typically 1. aloof, 2. independent, and 3. irritatingly smart. These are the other things that I think you should definitely know before you consider getting a Shiba Inu for your family.

10 More Things You Should Know about the Shiba Inu Breed // Shiba Inu Temperament & Personality Traits // Hello Rigby Seattle Shiba Inu Blog

10 MORE Things to Know About the Shiba Inu Breed

The comparison to cats is real.

As much as I try to deny it, Rigby is really quite cat-like. He prefers to be high up, surveying his kingdom as often as possible. You’ll often find him sitting on top of his crate, on the back of my parent’s couch when we visit, or peeking out the window. He’ll rub your legs to get noticed in the kitchen, clean himself after each of his meals, and let you know when he’s had enough of your petting too, just like his feline counterpart.

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5 Useful Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Disclosure: Thanks to Northgate Mall for sending us to have photos with the Easter Bunny & to Barkworthies for sending Rigby some yummy treats!

Going to new places can be overwhelming. It may be loud; there could be funny smells, your personal space might be invaded if the place is busy, and depending on how comfortable you are, you may feel a bit panicky. Now imagine you’re about 1/5th of your size and have to deal with all of the above, and things could be even more extreme. That’s how your dog deals with public spaces every day.

Last weekend, we were invited to take photos with the Easter Bunny at Northgate Mall just north of Seattle. The first thought in my head was “Oh, I don’t know about that…” I didn’t want to pass the opportunity up because, to be honest, I was curious about how he would do in a potentially busy environment around other people, dogs, cats, and/or kids. It also gave me a unique opportunity to test out training and work with him on new scenarios. Socialization never ends, and who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!

Useful Tricks to Teach Your Dog // Hello Rigby Seattle Pet & Lifestyle Blog

5 Useful Tricks to Teach Your Dog

The first thing I did to prepare was to brush up on some of my favorite tricks that Rigby knows. Some he’s better at than others, but I used all of these while we were at the mall to ensure we were safe and he was kept occupied. Rigby tends to have leash frustration, so I manage it by engaging his mind through training.

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Easy Homemade Dog Treats

Product Sample

Have you ever ate your dog’s treats? No? Just me? What can I say, if they’re labeled human grade, I’ll try them. I never expected to enjoy eating any dog treats… but all that has changed.

I recently popped into one of my favorite pet shops only to notice a staggering increase in the price of dog treats. (And it’s not just this shop, I noticed the same thing at the big box stores too!) I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to dog treats, so a small-ish bag of dog cookies will set me back anywhere from $6-8. Let’s be real – I can’t leave without more than one, so $20 later… you get my drift. It’s pretty spendy.

Easy Homemade Dog Treats & Holiday Gift Idea // seattle lifestyle blog

With the holidays upon us, what could make a more perfect gift to a pet owner than some easy homemade dog treats? And wouldn’t it be even cuter if they were packaged in a treat jar or dog bowl? When Waggo offered to send me a couple to try (as well as an amazing dog bed, which you can win in my holiday gift guide giveaway!), I knew these would make a fabulous gift.

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Why I’m Thankful for My Dog

Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored by the National Dog Show Presented by Purina. I loved the idea of the #DogThanking campaign and am excited to help raise money for the AKC Canine Health Foundation!

I’ll be the first person to warn you that Shibas aren’t for the faint of heart, but I’m also the first person to tell you how much I treasure mine. Yesterday, a certain little man turned 3, and I couldn’t help but be a tiny bit sentimental for his younger days and also be sad that another year has passed by so quickly.

Purina Dog Thanking: Why I Love My Dog // seattle lifestyle blog

As Thanksgiving draws near, it reminds me to be thankful for what I do have, and how I’m incredibly grateful to have such a special dog in my life. I was recently at an event where a woman received a devastating phone call that her dog had passed while she was away from home. My heart broke for her, and it reminded me of how we felt a few years ago when we learned that Dave’s dog Bonnie was very ill. I was instantly transported back to those emotions and felt for her. It’s an amazing thing to own a dog, but it’s incredibly difficult to lose one.

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