Milkmaid Braid and Flower Headband Photo Tutorial

While I’m off eating breakfast with Mickey, singing It’s a Small World, and wearing my Minnie ears 24/7, Anna of Anna in Wonderland is her to share her famous Milkmaid/Flower Headband Hair Tutorial. She graciously made a photo tutorial to share here today for this absolutely adorable hair style! Take it away hair stylist extraordinaire, Anna!

1. Part your hair. I prefer to the side, but if you’re a fan of center parts, that can work too.

2. Put your headband on over your neck.

3. Flip your hair out.

4. After putting your headband on your head, pull some of your hair forward so that your headband sits in the center of your hair. And have a really bitchy/worried expression.

5. Part your hair in the back.

6. Braid a pigtail.

7. Tie your hair, but don’t pull the ends all the way through on the last bit. Instead, leave a loop.

8. Braid your other pigtail.

9. Pull on both braids to create a little bit of texture.

10. Fold one braid over your head and secure with bobby pins/grips.

11. Take the other braid and fold it over the other braid’s rubber band.

12. Tuck the rubber band under the braid that is already secured to your head to keep it hidden.

13. Pull some pieces out to make your hair a bit messier. You can also curl your bangs if you wish.

14. Enjoy your final product!

About me and my blog:
Anna in Wonderland came about around April to help me express some of my creativity whilst studying a particularly grim subject matter (I’m getting a PhD in Holocaust History). As a writer, I wanted to stretch my muscles a bit, in addition to doing some more “shallow” things like writing about fashion, music, etc., as well as showcase my own novels that have been published. I am really excited by the way Anna in Wonderland has both grown and been received by the people around me–it is truly fantastic! I have gained so many “followers” in such a short amount of time and I am honestly floored. It has been a great “journey” so far and I’m looking forward to connecting with even more bloggers and readers.

Thanks for a fabulous tutorial, Anna! I so can’t wait to try this hair style! Make sure to check Anna in Wonderland out, and follow her on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin’!

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