July Budget

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It’s that time again… time to be real about how much I spent in July. As you may know by now, every month I link up with Fran to share what I bought during the month. I include any and all clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products I purchase, but do give myself a break if I run out of the “essentials”.

For July, I gave myself a budget of $200. Last month I did really well by going under, so technically I had a bit more than that to work with. :)

Here’s what I bought with my July Budget:

July Budget / Budgeting Bloggers / hellorigby!

  1. IWYP “Blogging is My Cardio” tee $25
  2. I went thrifting and picked up a similar Tribal Print Romper for $4
  3. I went a little crazy with Golden Tote this month and bought a large tote + add-on. I ended up selling 2 of my 7 items, spending a total of $99
  4. I picked up a basic high/low tee from Nordstrom Rack for $15
  5. I went a little nuts at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but lucky for my wallet, quite a bit was ill-fitting. I kept this plaid button up for $25, this peplum print top for $22, and this waffle knit cardigan for $32. I’m nice and splurged on a few things for Dave too. (This hoodie and this button up, if you’re curious.)
  6. I stopped by Lush and grabbed the Popcorn Lip Scrub for $9, and their Tea Tree Toner for $10.
  7. Last but not least, I scored this BHA Liquid from Paula’s Choice for $10 on super sale. (Thanks for the tip, Rebecca!)

I spent $251 this month, but was able to sell $75 worth of clothing, bringing my total damages to $176. Woohoo, another successful budgeting month!

Since I’m traveling to Dallas next month, I’m going to let that weekend slide, but otherwise I’m committing to a budget of $150, plus the leftovers from this month ($24). We’ve got another trip planned in September, so time to crack down on the spending. :)

How did you do this month?

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78 thoughts on “July Budget

  1. Rebecca B. Bird

    Good job! I haven’t been making a strict budget for myself lately, but I’ve been avoiding spending as much money on unnecessary crap. So far so good. Though I’m on the verge of buying more indie lip balms …. it’s my weakness. Considering that I’ve used up two lip balms this week it’s probably OK though. ;)
    Rebecca B. Bird recently posted…Weekly Poll: Thanks, Future SelfMy Profile

    1. Jenn Post author

      Dang two in one week? I’m terrible about using up beauty products, usually I lose lip balms before I can even finish them!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, well it wasn’t at Plato’s! But really, I just sold a couple of bigger ticket items. I am going to attempt another Plato’s run this weekend… we’ll see how that goes.

  2. the cape on the corner

    that tribal romper was a steal! we just booked a trip to mexico for the fall, so i thought a pair of tribal pants would be a fun alternate to a sundress one evening. but i don’t know! i don’t know that i can pull it off, lol, so a simple tank and long necklace should be a classic way to style it.
    the cape on the corner recently posted…Summer bathroom decorMy Profile

  3. Ashley

    You got some gorgeous items this month! I can’t believe you got that romper at a thrift store – who would give that away?! And yay for selling clothes so you stay within your budget!

  4. Betsy

    nice job! i didn’t really keep track of what i spent in july, but i really didn’t do much shopping either, so it was pretty minimum!

  5. Karrie Smith

    This is such an awesome idea! I’m going to do this when I start work next month! It really shows where your money goes. Plus I really need to learn to budget, haha.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, Jessica! Investment pieces are a great idea, I need to get better about splurging on pieces that will last a lifetime instead of fast-fashion!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Sarah! Yes, I keep trying to trim down my closet to only pieces I know I’ll be wearing. Keeps everything much more organized that way too!

  6. kristen

    oooh great picks! that sucks some of the items from nordstrom werent the best but at least you can return! that romper is super cute! cant wait to see the one you got thrifting :)
    kristen recently posted…July BudgetMy Profile

    1. Jenn Post author

      i love nordstrom’s return policy. so amazing, and allows me to buy more things to try ;) the romper is similar in shape, but the pattern is different – i’ll definitely do an outfit post soon, but i can’t wear it to work… too short! haha :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      That makes sense, I need to be a bit better about that! I tend to just want… all of the things instead of fewer pieces that mix and match!


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